Where your Dollar Goes

How this Micro-Enterprise Program Evolves


The HFC Micro Loan program operates similar to a Credit Union. Most of the poor in un-developed countries do not have access to the financial services provided by a local bank. Typically it takes about a year’s wages to open a checking or savings account with the local banks. HFC assists the poor by offering Biblical based business training courses to the attendees of a local church. After attending a HFC Biblical Stewardship Seminar a seminar participant can submit a loans application for income generation purposes [business endeavors]. People treat loan $ differently than a gift for humanitarian aid. Loans are only approved for income generation purposes [business endeavors] and require a Pastor’s recommendation. Presently maximum loan amounts are equivalent to one year’s income for the average worker in that area. The typical borrower is the head of a household with several dependents. During the maximum 24 month loan amortization period, thru business profits borrower expects to double these invested $, in addition to liquidating loan balance. During this repayment period the entrepreneur will be paying tithes to the church on all monies taken from business proceeds for family or personal use. Before the end of 24 month amortization period many of these entrepreneurs will need to hire several employees. Presently this program is operating with a 95% repayment ratio. Research indicates about 17 individuals receive a sustainable benefit from the average micro loan.


Each Dollar Contributed Multiplies


If we were to trace $100 invested in micro loans over a 10 year period: 


  • The same $’s benefits at least 4 Christian Entrepreneurs.

  • It is expected in the world of business investment this $100 has grown into $400.

  • Because there are 17 sustainable benefactors from the average micro loan, 68 poor individuals has received a sustainable benefit.

  • The profits from 4 family operated businesses now have paid tithe to a local church.

  • The earned interest from this $100 investment will be about $120. This money goes to pay the micro loan operation expenses.


In the nation’s HFC operates in Christians are frequently discriminated against; typically their annual income does not come up to this countries national average. This economic bias affects the national churches ability to be evangelistic. Our Harvest Field Corners program is now making a positive difference in Believers earnings and the national churches income. This not only provides additional resources for their families, but also for Pastors, church facilities, Evangelism, and membership welfare. The visibility of Christians in the local marketplace positivity affects local culture.



Pastors becoming familiar with this Harvest Field Corners program, thoroughly embrace it, sharing that this is one of the few USA mission’s actions that directly uplifts local Believers and Churches, enabling the local church to effective evangelism.



Summarization Thoughts: We trust this clarifies the difference between contributions to Humanitarian Aid VS: Harvest Field Corners MicroEnterprise Endeavors



Giving a person a fish, feeds them for a day = Humanitarian Aid;


Teaching and equipping a person to fish, can feed them for a lifetime = HFC blending Biblical Stewardship Training with MicroEnterprise Endeavors.



Pray about sharing some of your annual charitable contribution dollars with Harvest Field Corners, also help us spread this info with others that may appreciate partnering with an organization that trains and equips the poorest in our world.


Our IRS 990 forms are available here.

Matthew 19:26 "…with God all things are possible.”



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