HFC has a Rich History of Giving...


Since April 2006, Harvest Field Corners™ (HFC) has embraced the local, international Christian churches.; we do this by distributing small loans (around $600) to Christian entrepreneurs. Through micro-loans, these men and women are empowered to be self-sufficient entrepreneurs who contribute to their society and also support their local church. Now, through the efforts of HFC, these individuals have a tangible opportunity to move from being a burden to their church, to being a blessing.


Our First Loan…


He belonged from a village called Shekhupura but for business purposes shifted to capital Islamabad.In April 2006 HFC/MC made loan to him of Pak Rs: 7,000 (US $116). He used this loan to buy “Cooling Leakage Tester” as he was repairing refrigerators/Air Conditioners. God blessed him in his business; and repaid the full loan amount; as business grew, he also started to attend the weekly Bible Class at Pastor Samson Church to gain some knowledge from the Word of God. During this time, God called him to go back to his hometown and relocate his business in to village, moreover God called him to start a Church in his home village. He obeyed God and moved to his hometown. His village has more than twenty-five thousands inhabitants around ten to twelve thousand are Christians. He started Church there and now around thirty families are with him. They have looked a piece of land in this area. It is five Marlas. They have raised total of Pak Rs: 50,000 (US $600) they are in need of Pak Rs: 200,000 (US $ 2,400) to purchase this piece of land to build on. He still runs his business and God is blessing him. Pray that God would use him in his area as well as that his business would grow.

Biblical Precept


  • Work is both honorable and necessary (Gen. 2:15, Lev. 19:9-10)

  • Those who are able to work must do so (1 Thess. 4:11-12)

  • No handouts (2 Thess. 3:10)

  • Christian entrepreneurs receive business training and resources to build competence and confidence to capitalize on hard work and dedication.