Portfolio of Possibilities


• Diversity within funded projects
• Allows for entrepreneurship without saturating the local market
• Develops resilience in the local church and community in the face of adversity
• Creates opportunity for the employment of God-given talents and abilities
• Broadens the ministry of the Gospel through marketplace interaction and relationships


Examples of many enterprises funded by HFC:

• Farming
• Animal Husbandry
• Computer Training
• Various Repair Shops
• Medical Prescription Shops
• Rickshaws
• Childbirth Centers
• Bookstore
• Furniture Manufacturing
• Bicycle/Welding Shop
• Scrap Metal Dealers
• Tailors/Sewing Centers



Empowering Women and Children


A strategic benefit for the Christian entrepreneur’s family is the education of their children, including an opportunity for girls, which is not always available in the dominant Islamic culture. Every HFC-PK loan agreement includes a commitment by the entrepreneurs to educate their children. The Islamic community often prefers to send their children to Christian schools, where they receive a quality education.