Portfolio of Possibilities


• Diversity within funded projects
• Allows for entrepreneurship without saturating the local market
• Develops resilience in the local church and community in the face of adversity
• Creates opportunity for the employment of God-given talents and abilities
• Broadens the ministry of the Gospel through marketplace interaction and relationships


Examples of many enterprises funded by HFC:

• Farming
• Animal Husbandry
• Computer Training
• Various repair shops
• Medical Prescription Shops
• Rickshaws
• Childbirth Centers
• Bookstore
• Furniture Manufacturing
• Bicycle/welding shop
• Scrap Metal Dealers
• Tailors



Empowering Women and Children


A strategic benefit for the Christian entrepreneur’s family is the education of their children, including an opportunity for girls, which is not always available in the dominant Islamic culture. Every MC loan agreement includes a commitment by the entrepreneurs to educate their children. The Islamic community often prefers to send their children to Christian schools, where they receive a quality education.

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