Prayer is KEY—Money is HELPFUL

We steadily receive amazing reports from the field; reports that prove the power of prayer!  Here are a couple of those stories...


Please Note: There are no names or locations being given in order to help protect our brothers and sisters around the world.


One of out sisters was being repeatedly persecuted by her neighbors for her faith in Jesus - even to the point of being beaten. But she persevered, in the strength of the Lord!  Today these neighbors are attending church with her - what an amazing God we serve!  


The other story is that of a young man, the son of a local "holy man" - a mediator between man and Allah.  He decided, along with his wife, to follow Christ.  As is the way of things in this region of the world, this decision opened them up to rejection and persecution, which included being spat on, tortured and having their lives threatened.  The Lord is protecting them though, and because of their faithfulness, his mother has had a heart-change. Rejection once ruled their relationship, but now she is attending his church!




Prayer is a powerful thing!  God's Word tells us our prayers are always before the Father as a fragrant incense.  Our prayers affect change - like the change happening in the hearts of these Muslim people who were persecuting our brothers and sisters.  They need our continued prayers.  The Bible is clear that the Lord is not willing that ANY should perish.  This includes the world-wide Muslim population.


Our monetary contributions meet the physical needs, which are real true needs.  Your donations are very much appreciated, and are used to further the kingdom of God.  Thank you!    These physical needs are, however, tied to the temporary earth. Our prayers change things (the hearts of people) for eternity!


Keep praying!                         



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