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Harvest Field Corners welcomes your inquiries & Partnership in these developing Microenterprise endeavors:


In an Islamic governed nation where Christians make up less than 2% of the population, acknowledged followers of Jesus Christ are discriminated against in the job market place. Regardless of their education, skill, or work ethic a recognized Christian has difficulty retaining obtaining a quality position within government provided service entities like, policeman, fireman, or military. In this Islamic controlled nation government agencies and employers legally discriminate against a qualified Christian for a lesser trained person from the majority religious community (Muslim). Should a highly experienced Christian job applicant be successful in obtaining one of these coveted employment positions; once a qualified Muslim becomes available the Christian employee can be quickly and easily discharged. If only 3 peers claim that they heard them say anything about religion; they can be immediately charged with blasphemy (295c law). Blasphemy is a crime punishable by death or imprisonment, and 3 witnesses are accepted as unquestionable proof of guilt. So Christians obtaining a job requiring specialized skills, typically only hold them until another qualified person from the majority religious community desires the position. If the Christian does not freely relinquish this position, 3 peers charging blasphemy (law295c) appear (note Acts 6:11). In this eastern Muslim Arabic culture most Christians face economic hardships; our modern western society cannot fully comprehend. In the USA we quote the phrase “Persecuted Church” with little comprehension of all that it entails. Because Pakistani Christians daily experience these economic market place hardships most churches in Pakistan are impoverished. Read on to learn how HFC is effectively operating within this complex “Persecuted Church” paradigm.


Harvest Field Corners US leadership trained qualified trustworthy nationals Micro-Enterprise implementation skills and guided them in the founding of Harvest Field Corners Pakistan (HFC-PK). Based on Biblical Stewardship Principles HFC leadership authored a Christian Business Person Training Seminar Manual. Financially HFC-PK now operates with some similarities to a small USA Credit Union. Until HFC-PK is capitalized into financially sustainable posture, HFC-US will need to provide additional funding. In the microenterprise arena, HFC-PK would be known as a developing MFI [micro finance institute]. This program is helping Christian Entrepreneurs climb the economic ladder. Now many impoverished national Pakistan Christian Churches are becoming empowered to do Kingdom of God activities they did not have the ability to do prior to partnering with HFC-PK.


In partnership with a minority community Pastor, HFC conducts Business Seminar Training Courses within the church congregation. HFC-PK teaches and mentors these under-trodden individuals how to improve their lifestyle by operating a profitable small business. Christian Entrepreneur types learn how to develop and implement a business plan. Then thru an unsecured Micro-Loan, HFC provides the necessary capital to launch these small businesses [income generation] endeavors. Our research indicates the average small business provides a substantial benefit to 17 individuals. The loan delinquency rate is extremely low. As repayments are made these monies are re-loaned. Pastors welcome HFC and report that after holding a Business Person Training Seminar both church attendance and offerings increase.


Utilizing Microenterprise strategies that include an unsecured business loan for income generation purposes to these underprivileged entrepreneurs, Harvest Field Corners now has a record of creating profitable small businesses that are uplifting many needy Christian minority families and churches. HFC-PK management also takes advantage of Biblical training concerning tithing, family matters, importance of education, community relationships, budgeting, healthy lifestyles, government regulations, and etc. For a discriminated against minority group this becomes an extremely valuable benefit.

 Experience and research reveal that each contribution dollar directed toward this small business [income generation] Micro-Loan plan; that the Micro-Loan will be fully repaid within  24 to 30 months, while doubling the capital value of the business; making it a sustainable business, postured for additional growth. This happens while leaving the original  $  ready to start working for another HFC-PK trained entrepreneur. Over this same 30 month period, research indicates that each micro loan causes an average of 17 individuals to receive sustainable benefits. Over a ten year period this same $  will help 4 different entrepreneurs develop a sustainable business that will provide an uplift to over 65 individuals. HFC Seed Faith contributors delight in learning how their Kingdom Investment continues to multiply. Deut. 8:13 & 18.


Business (Income Generation) Micro Loans have provided for:
  • Animal Husbandry for food purposes

  • Computer Training Centers in Schools

  • Repairman & Service Providers

  • Fresh Fruit & Hot Food Street Vendors

  • Market Place Shops - Food - Shoes – House Wares & Etc.

  • Corner Markets – Marketing Food and Household Items

  • Tailors- Custom & Ready Made Garments

  • Manufacturing – Wood Furniture & Welding Metal Products

  • Medical Prescription Shops

  • Childbirth Center

  • Taxies, Rickshaws & Vehicles used as School Buses 

  • Scrap metal dealers – Recyclers

  • Bible Book Stores

  • Concrete Block making

  • Refilling natural gas canisters & charcoal selling


Nearly every week of the year our trained staff conducts Biblical Stewardship Seminars in church congregations. This Biblical Training is done free of charge. We have a waiting list of Pastors requesting this training. The common feedback from these seminars is “Both our attendance and offering increase.”  We attempt to give micro loan funding priority to business endeavors that may influence advancement of literacy, education, women rights, health improvement, or family relationships. Consider adding Harvest Field Corners in your annual contribution list of worthy causes.


As HFC extends its microenterprise endeavors into Haiti we will operate a similar microenterprise program. We have learned where Christian entrepreneurs have a lifestyle exercising:


  • Worshiping the God who created this world and all that is in it and is # 1 in their life.

  • Biblical Stewardship

  • Godly Righteousness

  • Prudence, Trustworthiness, Dependability, Generosity, Listener’s

  • Striving to offer the best business value

  • Providing Marketplace Salt & Light, sharing their faith in Jesus Christ


God seems to find ways to prosper and bless these kind of businesspeople. HFC denounces practices of voodooism pirs, witchcraft, and any form of satanic guidance or worship.


India: HFC-US has chosen to partner with Church at Briargate, Colorado Springs, CO in developing a medical clinic that will be operated and overseen by DR Nur & Dr Susan Matthews. In coming months as India micro loan statues permit HFC US hopes to implement microenterprise endeavors in Rampurhat district of West Bengal.     


Pakistan:  Our HFC Pakistan Staff specializes in teaching Biblical Stewardship. This year they have taught Biblical Stewardship Seminars 50 times with over 1000 Christian Entrepreneurs attending.     


Prayer Is Exceedingly Important

Biblical Principled Stewardship & Discipleship training becomes an awesome challenge in these mature strongholds [both spiritual & cultural] not honoring Jesus as a Resurrected, Conquering, Redeeming Lord and Savior. Pray for the recipients of HFC dollars. We have observed some mission endeavors in these challenging places that are not bathed with adequate prayer come to naught. Pray that God will give HFC-US, and our foreign partner’s safety, wisdom, adequate resources, and discernment in the implementation of these projects. We welcome inquires and contributions.


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