How Does it Work?



You can partner with a PK Pastor and Church community with an investment of $6,000.  This investment will establish a minimum of 8 businesses operated by members of this congregation. One year after the loans are fully implemented, 150+ people associated with this church will receive a sustainable benefit. These business people, plus those employed from within this church, will pay tithes enabling the church to begin evangelism activities it previously lacked the resources to implement. This is accomplished by providing 8 entrepreneurs with a loan to either start, or expand, their small business. Beginning the second year, and each quarter thereafter, loan repayment funds allow HFC to fund another Christian entrepreneur within this same congregation. Over a 5 year period, this congregation should have a minimum of 24 business owners paying tithes and provide a sustainable benefit for over 400 individuals. Church members, who previously were a financial burden, are now a financial blessing. Salt and light is spreading into the nearby Islamic dominated marketplaces. This is Biblical Principled Stewardship in action. In year 6 this original $6,000 is still working. The interest on the loans is used to pay the operational expenses of HFC-PK.


HFC will provide the contributing Partner up to 4 updates annually showing them how God is recycling their investment multiple times. Due to the growing number of entrepreneurs funded through HFC, we have upgraded our software to produce these reports. We believe this is one of the best 'Kingdom Building' investments available today. The Holy Spirit directed us to avoid creating another dependent-type mission endeavor. Over the last 5 years God revealed this self-sustaining concept to us while providing the means to bring it to a viable, sustainable model. Picturing this HFC ministry as a small credit union operated for benefit of member churches may help one understand this unique ministry. Presently, we can effectively integrate $50,000 per Quarter into the PK Christian community. Through Harvest Field Corners, USA Christians are empowering Pakistani persecuted Christians to effectively spread the gospel in this Islamic nation. Pray for us; give us your feedback; if you know a missions minded group or person, please share this opportunity with them.



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