Reducing poverty among persecuted Christian Believers by implementing

Microenterprise strategies embedded with Biblical Stewardship Training


Teaching Biblical Stewardship and Fostering Marketplace Salt & Light


HFC helps people become or remain self-sufficient by providing them the tools - whether knowledge or equipment - to do so.  We help hopeful entrepreneuers prepare a business plan for an income generating venture through Biblical Stewardship Training.


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Seeing the American Dream Through an Immigrant’s Eyes is Ali Master’s Amazon Best Selling Book that discusses his immigrant and faith journey. In his book, Ali poignantly shares about the five distinctly American freedoms he experienced during his 33 years in the United States—freedom to fail and start-over, to love, to seek and believe new truth (religion), to build (entrepreneurship), and to self-govern (government). He also compares American freedoms to those found in the Muslim world. Through the lens of these freedoms, Ali also shares the tale of how he went from being a Shia Muslim to becoming a believer in Jesus Christ. A recommended donation of $10.00 is encouraged for the eBook.


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