In developing countries Harvest Field Corners partners with national church leadership thru the blending of Biblical Stewardship Training with Microenterprise Endeavors. This unique concept fosters a righteous lifestyle that tends to provide a sustainable uplift to the most financially depressed families attending the struggling church. Thru the development of Christian Entrepreneurship “Salt & Light” happens in the local marketplace and the Christian Community becomes blest by those who were once a financial burden. Christian Community resources can now be directed toward fulfillment of the “Great Commission.” Community resiliency and Gospel outreach occurs. Should someone converting to Jesus Christ lose their job, HFC is in a position to assist them in starting a profitable business.


Biblical Stewardship Training nurtures healthy family relationships that provide admirable childcare and well educated young people. Successful businesspeople can positively affect local political affairs, reducing persecution against Christians. Harvest Field Corners strives to provide sustainability rather than dependency, the fair interest charged on micro loans tend to offset local operating expenses. Because HFC strives to “Reduce Poverty,” employing citizens of that nation, HFC has become successful in operating in countries that are reluctant to give visas to foreign Christian Fieldworkers. We unashamedly request your continual prayers for our national workers, these Christian entrepreneurs, and every HFC endeavor.